Up the Washington Monument

So I gave in, and bought our tickets to go up the Washington Monument. I had gone up before and I wanted to go up with Ryan before we left. Since I am NOT going to wait in line for tickets at 7:00 AM, I ordered them in line and for 3 bucks, they were shipped right to our address!

We bought the tickets for Monday, at the 7:00 pm time and ended up getting in early, since I got to Federal Triangle by 6:00. I'm glad we got to do one more tourist hurrah before we have to pack up our things and leave for Indiana, and then home to Utah for the next 9 (at the least) months. It was so pretty and you could see so many things! We could see the DC temple, the National Cathedral, and beautiful views of the White House, the Capitol, the Reflection pool and the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson… so much of what has been our summer here, we could see! It was fun to point to things and say, "we've been there!"

DC, we'll miss you!

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