National Zoo/National Cathedral/2 Amys/Wisconsin Ave

Original title, right? We did all of this (with the Christensen's)  the day after our terrible, awful Friday and were a little scared to be so adventurous after all the disappointment on Friday, but we had been planning to do this all week and I was determined to check all of these northern NW stops off my list!

1. The National Zoo was RAD. And the flamingos were our favorite. Also, I've got some fabulous videos of the cranes and flamingoes (they were our favorites).

2. The National Cathedral was BEAUTIFUL. It was a bit of a hike from the National Zoo, but we walked through some really pretty neighborhoods, and we always walked on the shaded part of the sidewalk, which was nice.

3. 2 Amys was OK. Not our favorite spot for pizza in DC, but Amanda and I heard they have homemade doughnuts on the weekends...we'll look into that and get back to you...

So, even after a terrible, awful Friday, our weekend was looking up already! Afterwards we walked all the way down Wisconsin back to Georgetown and then home. We even stopped into Anthropologie and Paper Store--now two of my favoritest stores! :)

 Next to come, the 4th of July madness/sweaty-ness and then more sweaty-ness at Mt. Vernon. All in 4 days!

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