..And other things that happened in March.

Every month deserves one of these posts. An etc. post. Of course there were many more things we did this month, fun things like playgroups at the Museum of Science, play school at the Trotter, etc. but we were having so much fun (or it was super choatic...) I didn't take a picture. Or I was just trying to get some adult interaction. Something like that.

Anywho, here are some other things that we did. Pictures we took. Times that the boys looked super cute, etc.

hi, my name is emily and i have an addiction to no bake cookies. especially with walter's dairy sensitivity (aka me giving up my most loved food ever) these are pretty much a new staple in the house.

if i mention that i'm about to vacuum, this is henry's spot. under the couch. and he stays there until the coast is clear and i say "all done." it's the cutest thing and makes vacuuming a breeze :)

evidence of our tasty st. patty's shamrock shakes. oh boy...

tummy time for all.

henry likes saying "two boys" when he and Walter are together, and it just melts my heart. i've got the cutest boys in my house (all three of them :)

this is how you hold a guitar, right? i so wish music time at the library was more than once a month, it was awesome and henry absolutely loved it, and the sturdy kiddie guitar.

it's safe to say that the boys' first bath together was a rousing success.

i finally redeemed my christmas present from ryan with a fancy pedi and time to stroll around newberry street for a bit. heavenly, i tell ya. i didn't even have to have the handicapped stall!

further proof of the pedi. and of henry's fascination with my painted toes. apparently it doesn't happen enough :)

while hank got his iron levels tested for his two year appointment walt and i had some mirror time.  this kid...

ahh baseball season has arrived :)

i CANNOT WAIT for beach time with these kids. 

i front braided my hair...

...and liked it alot.

ryan said something super sweet about me a few weeks back and i thought about it all day. there's something about complimenting this mama's body after having two boys that seriously makes me feel like a queen.


he's really into watching these days. elmo watches, as he looks at cars, as he eats breakfast, as we read to him. we watch as he plays and shoots and builds things. 

To be quite honest, March was a gem. Other than the terrible weather thing. Henry is starting to be a little more needy in his two year old-ness that I think will make April a bit harder, but with the beautiful weather (and soooo much more playground time) I think it will all even out. 

But real quick can we talk about how in a matter of weeks Ryan will no longer be a student? Graduation, whaaaat? I've only ever been married to a student. Wild. 

April, we're stoked to see you.


dating: chinatown in the freezing un-spring weather.


We've lived here for 2 1/2 years and had never been to Chinatown. Also, Ryan and I had never had a dumpling in our life. Enter: the Gourmet Dumpling House. There was only a 1/2 hour wait for a Friday night (thank you cold, cold weather) and inside smelled divine. We ordered pork dumplings and sesame chicken. I can't believe it took me 26 years to eat a dumpling. I'd like to eat them at least once a month for the rest of my life, thank-you-very-much. (And thank you Amy and Laurie/Nick for the suggestion and reccomendations!)

And really, the best part was being there without the little ones to distract from our conversation. We talked about favorite places in town, planning future vacations and just had a nice, casual conversation. We weren't interrupted. We weren't worried about toddler-friendly food or sleeptime schedules. And there wasn't a single fruit or vegetable on our table and sometimes, that's just the best kind of dinner. 

We're ever so grateful for friends who will enjoy/put up with our kids (biiiiig shoutout to the Jones'!). And for good kids that people don't mind watching/putting up with. I'm pretty sure Henry just needs someone to read books to him and play basketball--that's his perfect friend right there. And Walter just needs a little smile-lovin and he'll smile and coo at you right back. Oh I wish everything had the instant gratification like Walter's gooey, cheeky smiles.


oh the places you'll go.

I am seriously in love with this book right now. Probably more than Henry. We read it at least once a day and every time I read it a new page sticks out to me and I think of a different experience, and a different way I want to be better.

On of my favorite parts is where it talks about the waiting place. How sometimes in life we just wait. But we shouldn't be! I remember waiting in high school for friends to call me to do something on the weekend. I remember waiting in college for friends to call me to do something. I remember waiting as a new mom for other moms to call me to do something (hm, there may be a trend here...). We wait for warmer weather. We wait to do fun things until after naptime. Waiting, waiting.

Every time I read that page I vow to stop waiting. To do something about it. Sometimes we still have to wait, but we don't have to dwell on it. We can dwell on what we can do, not what we cannot do or change. I vow to make more phone calls, make more friends, be more adventurous. I vow to have fun with Henry in the mornings, even if we're still in our pajamas. I vow to be more attentive to my desires and do something about it, and stop making excuses.

I just want to fill Henry's room with phrases from that book. With positive reinforcement. I want him to know that he WILL move mountains, that he will have fame, and that even when he does not, even when there are set backs, we love him and we're there to help him, and he'll succeed again, and again, and again.