The last Dalby wedding!

My big brother got married at the end of June--the last of the Dalby kids!-- so we flew out to Ohio to celebrate. Sara chose a beautiful location--her aunt and uncle's dreamy backyard with their ceremony outside and their reception in a huge open barn just steps away. 

The wedding was on the day after the boys' school graduations but luckily Henry's class was small enough that they moved it forward a day (lucky/loved kiddo!) and Walter will be back at the school one more year before kindergarten. We headed out on Friday morning, hung out with family already there that night (so much needed girls time--I hadn't seen my sisters in almost two years!) and then the party began on Saturday. 

I didn't get near as many pictures as I would have liked, and admittedly, I have pictures on my DSLR that I haven't touched since taking them. But nothing like writing a post about it to get me in gear! I was able to take some cute family pictures of my siblings before the wedding and I resolved to pick up my camera more, take more pictures, edit more and post more. So there's that.

But back to the wedding--here are some pictures from my phone and my sister's phone (oh that new iPhone depth setting has me wanting a new phone bad!)

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