a rainy day.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store to begin stocking up on a few things. We went to Aldi, the German chain, to stock up on cheap-o off brand staples out in Medford and it was a total success. Also, we bought popsicles. A summer staple that I had yet to eat while slowly melting in the New England Heat.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It had sprinkled earlier that day, poured the day before, but for some reason, Ryan had decided that we shouldn't pull up to our apartment, unload, and then park. He decided to park, unload, and then walk the two blocks to our apartment.

The only problem with this is that is started to POUR right when we got 20 feet from our car.


I promptly sandwiched myself as close to the building wall as possible, stole the umbrella, and made Ryan take the groceries back to the car. Then we both headed to the car, were soaking wet, and drove the .2 miles to the apartment, unloaded, and I put the stuff away while Ryan parked, and walked back soaking from head to toe.

Seriously, it was POURING. And it had just been sprinkling earlier. You can't tell, but Ryan was totally drenched. It was pretty bad. And all of our groceries had rain on them, or the paper boxes of cereal and pasta were totally soaking.

We promptly stayed inside, watched some netflix tv and a movie, and pretended to eat popcorn, since that's what we would have done if our microwave was here.


  1. Ba ha ha ha ha. I love how you told that story ... "promptly..."

  2. That's crazy. totally nuts. Poor Ryan and poor groceries! sounds like the weather is going to keep you on your toes.


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