walter's story.

We love this newest addition, can't you tell???

A baby story. Round 2.

First, let's go back to a few weeks before he was born. His due date was Oct. 15 so we were pretty sure he was going to come early like his brother and cousins. I had my mom come out on the 2nd and thought, alright, now this kid can come. But, days turned into weeks and no Walter. During that time we learned that his head wasn't down, but instead he was horizontal in my belly. Not really the news you want to hear at 38 weeks, but oh well. By 39 he was almost all the way turned, so when I went into labor on Saturday evening we waited until contractions were a solid 5 minutes apart, but went to the hospital quickly after, just in case the baby would have to be turned, or in case a c section would be necessary.

Early contractions started around 8 and we got to the hospital at 11. It was my dad's birthday that day and he was hoping for a babe to share it with, but unfortunately Walter wanted a day all to himself :) I was only at a 2, but contractions weren't terribly uncomfortable quite yet. Around 1 am they got pretty rough. I talked to Ryan about getting an epidural and was thinking about getting it if, when they checked me at 2 am, I hadn't progressed further than a 3, but thankfully, I was at a 5. Still, I started crying when my nurse told me that. I knew that I didn't want an epidural since I was so close, but the contractions already seemed more intense than with Henry and being almost 3 weeks more pregnant than with Henry, I knew this was going to be a much different delivery.

From 2 am to 3 am was maybe the longest hour of my life. I had been in the shower sitting on an exercise ball earlier, then went back to the room to just hang out on the ball and watch a little parks and rec, and once 2 am rolled around I headed back to the shower. Ryan is the best laboring partner ever and would talk to me to help distract me and was so patient with me as I got snippier and snippier throughout the night. I'm not mean, per say, just, very direct...

Since my water never broke this time around, when I had finally gotten to a 9+ at 3, the Dr. broke my water and I started pushing just minutes later. Last time around I was on my back, reclined, the "typical" position when giving birth (imo), but this time I was on my knees facing the back of the bed. Ryan had his hand/forearm at the top of the bed and I used it as leverage as I pushed and buried my head into a pile of pillows there. Walter was much bigger than Henry, so once I started pushing I just went for it. I really, really, really, wanted to see him (really, I wanted this child out of me as fast as I could) and pushed for a quick ten minutes and BAM! he was born.

We love him so much already and just had his two week appointment yesterday and he's already 9 lbs. 3 oz and 22 inches long! Although you can totally tell he and Henry are siblings when you do side-by-side shots of them around the same age, Walter is definitely his own man. He sleeps like a champ, has an outtie belly button (soooo cute), cheeks for days, and the cutest double chin around.


walter edward mangum.

A baby was born! A boy! Walter was born early on Sunday morning, Oct. 13,  and we've all been adjusting to this brand-new life as a family of four. I am sometimes still in awe that I am a mother of two boys, but I really am loving every second of watching these boys grow up. Well, almost every second. ;)

I promise to write about his birth story soon, but until then, here are a few pictures to entice you. Walter is a great sleeper, great eater, and the cutest little eight-pounder I know. Motherhood sure is exhausting, but there are so many amazing moments in between all the chaos, I wouldn't change it for the world.