Theodore's baby blessing.

Remember how I said I was going to be blogging more? I *think* that time has finally come. either way, check back for recaps of our summer and maybe one day I'll be up to date. Maybe?


My parents and Ryan's dad came to the big apple in April for Theo's blessing and even with a rainy Saturday it was the perfect weekend to celebrate our newest baby.

My mom had been planning out Theo's baby blessing outfit for weeks, she had a vision and she was out see it come to life, and it was so cute: a darling little white and blue romper with a Peter Pan collar and a little white cardigan over it. If you ever need a personal shopper, she's who you want. And so is my sister. And my other sister's got cute style as well as amazing makeup know-how. The style apple definitely fell far from the tree with me...but I digress.

My parents came in on Thursday night so we adventured on Friday on the Upper West Side getting Levain, Gray's Papaya, Jaques Torres hot chocolate, and stocking up on Trader Joe's for groceries and goodies. Walter was a trooper and walked all around with us while Henry was in school and we got back right as he was dropped off. Ken came in on Friday night and so on Saturday we all went to Inwood Park to watch Henry play baseball. My mom got some adorable shots of Henry, I got a few videos and we all got to see him be in his element playing baseball and soaking it all up. The price to play sports is pretty steep in the city, but seeing him light up and in his adorable full uniform is totally worth it.

It started pouring as we were coming back from the game so my parents/Theo/and I stayed in for the rest of the day while Ryan/Ken/the boys headed out one more time to get a few more wiggles out and get a few items for lunch and dinner on Sunday.

The dynamic was, for the most part, my parents in charge of Theo and Ken in charge of the big boys. It was so fun to see my mom and dad in baby mode, and Ken in Henry mode, being silly with him, and even playing chess with him and helping him learn how to make more strategic moves (he's learned how to play/how all the pieces work at school).

On Sunday Ryan gave Theodore a beautiful blessing and we made sure to get a group picture right after sacrament meeting since I knew it would be total chaos/meltdown modes after church. The sooner the boys gave sweet smiles the sooner they could go to class (which they LOVE) and it worked! There are no guarantees with smiles in pictures for these two, but I'm grateful we got some pictures of our family that day. It also helped that we just did one group picture and then they were done. One and done. After church we played on Dongan Lawn with some friends and had a fun dinner of hot dogs and chips and veggies (it felt like a summer meal!).

I am so so grateful for such wonderful parents/in laws who take the time to come to our home, sleep on an air mattress, and play and LOVE my kids. Our home may not be the roomiest for our guests, but I'm grateful that they sacrifice a little comfort to hang out with us. Come back, soon!!

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