Henry is five!

I feel like this picture sequence from when the boys visited me in the hospital captures Henry quite well. Energetic. Creative. Not a huge concern with safety...

Henry turned five at the end of February and since Walter had a "knight" birthday last October (my first big/with friends/not in our home party) I wanted Henry to have a fun but low key experience like that as well. First off: planning a birthday party one month postpartum is no joke. Thankfully, Ryan was still on maternity leave (oh those blessed six weeks!) and Henry was happy to have a simple "red" theme. I invited all his friends to wear red shirts and we hung out in the church parking lot/basement for a scooter derby. We had pizza, brownies with raspberries on top and a piƱata to end the party.

Unfortunately, the only record of the party I got was Henry blowing out his candles. But it's a cute little video and I'm grateful I remembered to get something. I fed Theo until right before we had to leave to get the party set up and he slept the entire time, what a kind little brother birthday present :).

Henry has grown in leaps and bounds since starting pre-k this fall. He's becoming both a leader and a follower, he has made so many new friends, and his interest in writing and drawing has grown so much thanks to some super loving teachers. And it's been fun to see him in Primary as a bigger kid, with Wally in the class below him. He still loves to sing in Primary and he's memorized a few lines to some favorite songs of his friends as well. We started reading chapter books after reading some picture books before bed and I love watching him listening to Ryan. He has always loved to be read to. He started baseball this spring and even got a bike as a belated birthday present (in May <--insert am="" and="" at="" been="" being="" building="" closed="" different="" emoji..="" energetic="" eyes="" for="" friend="" fun="" grateful="" hard="" has="" he="" him="" his="" i="" kid="" loves="" magnatile="" many="" monkey="" of="" outside="" p="" pictures="" playground="" practiced="" proud="" s="" see="" so="" still="" structures="" taking="" the="" them--it="" this="" to="" today.="" with="" work.="">

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