Gettin Skinny!

(Boys, stop reading now...)

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not overweight or anything, but since Taylor's getting married over Labor Day I figure this is a great time for Ryan and I to really shape up and try to minimize all these calories we've been eating from all the fabulous food available to us here in DC.

Anyway, I just ordered this dress off of ShabbyApple.com (and totally want the entire Manhattan line) and ordered the 6/8 version. I've been an 8 for a bit, but I'm nervous about the "6" part.

Enter: running.

I ran the whole summer Ryan and I started dating thanks to all my fabulous roomies, including Camie. We ran practically every weeknight at about 10pm. Yes, we were pretty daring, but we all ran together (usually 3 of us) so we were semi-safe, right? Anyway, I've started running again and then we have these friends, the Clyde's, who've run marathons and done crazy stuff. I've done two 5ks... I probably never will run a marathon, since I don't want to DIE, but I've been thinking about a 1/2 marathon lately and that my healthy eating/working out change right now should include some kind of training too. Any suggestions? I can run 1-3 miles, but 4 miles is the farthest I've ever ran in a row, so I'm pretty much a beginner.

Oh, and since we've been eating out a lot with Ryan's mom and soon dad in town, we're eating in tonight. And I found a fabulous Chicken Parm recipe. Healthy, right? Ha.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts and being entertained with a lack of pictures. There's hyperlinks though, so that makes up for it, right??


  1. The only exercise suggestion I have is be consistent! Diet suggestion would have to be portions mainly and cut down out sugar (notice I did not say cut sugar out, although you could I just think it makes it harder to stay honest because sugar is in EVERYTHING).

    Also I love that dress. Everything on that site is ADORABLE!!!

  2. Just look up 1/2 marrathon training scheduals online. Theres a ton and they give you all the advice for training you need. Good Luck!

  3. HOORAY for 1/2 marathons!! Good for you! Just get ready because once you start distance running you won't want to stop... I wish I were kidding. :)

    workout suggestion (if you want it): don't limit yourself to running. Although getting a good 4 mi run in everyday is AWESOME it won't help you in the long run... eventually your body will just get bored and stop working to lose weight and gain muscle. SO, you should look into cycling, boxing, dance classes, even swimming. AND remember to do some sort of weight training.... lifting stokes your muscles so they burn fat long after you lift. Cool huh?
    And now that I've said waaaay too much... GOOD LUCK! and welcome to the addiction :)


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