I've been inside the Supreme Court!

Ryan's program went to the Supreme Court to listen to one of Justice Thomas' clerks and I came along. Normally, I use my Fridays to go to the gym, do laundry, go grocery shopping and sleep in, but I figured I should probably go to the cool places they go to.

It's a beautiful building and listening to the clerk was really cool. The whole presentation was a Q&A and I was even brave enough to ask a question! I know, it was sweet.

We also went to the Dirksen Senate building to have class (where I promptly read The Screwtape letters and was a little upset when Amanda's iTouch didn't get wireless...) and listen to one of Senator Hatch's employees on the judicial committee, and that was cool too. The room was big and it was a little hard to hear the speaker, but it was a very official-looking room with a really pretty ceiling. Also, the cafeteria in there was pretty good. Ry and I had already eaten our lunches, but the interns gave us their leftover fries and they were tasty (and hurray for being a poor, married couple, yay pity! haha)


  1. haha, I have that same exact first picture. also, yay for the pity :) I'm glad you came along!

  2. I can't wait to visit Washington D.C. one day. I hope we make it out there since we'll be living somewhat closer soon!


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