food truck experience #2

Fojol Bros Curry Truck. With minimal words.

**Background: Last Thursday I didn't have to go into work, so I decided to follow a food truck who tweets their location each day (it changes) and go on an adventure with my camera in tow.**

These amazing statues were at the park the food truck stopped at. I thought of Ry immediately.
It was super good Indian food. I had the buttered chicken and chickpeas and potatoes.

And I passed by the WHO on my way!

And ate this Mango Lassipop. Before I ate the glorious Indian food. Actually, I didn't finish it until I ate all my food. It was a little spicy, so it was nice to cleanse my palate with this amazing creamy-ness that is a lassipop.

So good.

Why must I leave and not get to see amazing, historic statues throughout my day?!

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