We saw the changing of the guard!

Last Saturday, after working at the conference (and getting SWAG), Ryan and I headed to Arlington National Cemetery for a few hours. It wasn't too hot and the grounds were so beautiful! Actually though, the metro was totally messed up this weekend with each of the 4 lines going under some sort of construction. The waits were super long, much longer than during the week and even longer than the normal weekend times, and I felt bad for DC. All the tourists were being mean to the metro! I wanted to turn around and tell them that it's not normally as bad and if they used it Monday morning it would be working super well (because really, DC only cares about the people who work and have to use it to go to work, and not the tourists, which is a little lame, but oh well. You gotta be nice to the taxpayers, right?). Anyway, I totally felt like I really live here (which I do! but only for a few more days…so sad…).

Ok, back to Arlington. We really enjoyed ourselves and I loved the calmed atmosphere. It's a cemetery, so it is a pretty sad place, but it's so nice to be able to see the graves of the Kennedy family and the memorials to the astronauts and pay our respects and honor them. Apparently there have been some thousands of graves mis-marked in Arlington for several years now, and I hope they can clear that all up and get the names figured out. It's such a beautiful place and I feel bad that it's tainted with mis-management.

Well, enough of my rambling. Pictures, at last.

I really wanted to go by the memorials of the astronauts. Although the Air and Space museum overwhelms me a bit with so much science that I can't comprehend, I have so much respect for those who have gone into space and for the astronauts from the Challenger and Columbia, who didn't make it back on land.

Ryan and I were also able to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. WOW. It's a pretty intense process. Being at the National Cemetery was a great way to spend our Saturday. 

After returning home, we ate dinner (we're almost done with all our food, just some oatmeal, hot dogs and tuna helper to go!), Ryan did some LSAT practice, and then we watched Night at the Museum 2. This, however, deserves its own post. :)


  1. Sounds great! arlington cemetery is a good place. Also, can't wait for the post on night at the museum. I might have to find a youtube video. I'm jealous...we didn't do quite as good at getting rid of our food.

  2. Love it! My grandpa is buried there!


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