I know, two posts within the hour, what's up with that?

I'll tell you what's up. My chin is itching like crazy. Actually, it's the whole bottom part of my face. I think something bit me this weekend. I got some bug bites on my leg from sitting beside a pool on Friday, and then yesterday my whole bottom part of my face was itching like crazy. It's a weird itch. And it hurts. And it's distracting me from work. And it hurts, did I mention that? It's also really warm. I compared it to the side of my face, and the bottom part is a lot more warm. Is that normal? It hurts, like a bug bite that hurts when you itch it but you still can't stop itching it. I know, I should stop itching, right? Well I can't. It hurts. Hydrocortisone cream, where are you when I need you????

At least I was able to eat two amazingly huge pizza slices for lunch during our work pizza party. Thank goodness for using food to distract me from the turmoil that is my life (I kid, but really, you all should be grateful you don't have a face that is warm and itchy right now, it's totally not cool).


  1. heat rash maybe??

  2. Ha ha I love every single post on your blog!! You're so cute! I can't wait to see you :) p.s. why did someone move across from us tonight?! What happened??


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