[[stuff we all get]]

THIS is why I love going to conferences. Free stuff! Although, I just got this bag full of goodies, along with some re-useable bags. You should have seen other people at the conference! The general public was able to come through and it was like they had never seen pens before in their lives! They had bags FULL of who knows what, it was pretty interesting.

That's right. I had a name tag. With my name on it. Does anyone else think this is the coolest thing ever???

Also, I ate lunch with a girl who works in the Secret Service. Coolest thing ever. She actually works in recruiting now and is due in October with her and her husband's (who is also in the SS!) first baby. I asked her all these questions about the Secret Service and their training and where she's been...I learned a lot!


  1. I love name tags! How official are you?

  2. This is why Emily married someone who likes to throw things away!


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