A crazy hot Saturday

Seriously, this picture does NOT reflect just how hot it was!

Why we decided to have a big adventure on the hottest Saturday in DC this summer, I still don't know. But we and the Christensen's decided to go back to Eastern Market one last time and stuff ourselves with their super-fab breakfast items, like huge breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Although this breakfast is definitely not recommended on hot days, it IS highly recommended. No pictures this time, but go here and here for our Eastern Market experiences.

Afterwards, we trekked to the Navy Yard to check out the US Navy Museum. The trek was hot, but I got some sweet shots of Amanda and the cool blue school building that we went by.

The Navy Yard was fun, and Dave especially enjoyed himself. I'm glad we went and did something we normally wouldn't have planned ourselves and then never really have seen. I learned more about WW2 and Navy Baseball, and ships, and the Arctic! Also, it was super cute when Dave saw the Trieste, the main reason he wanted to go. It's a sweet submarine that the US bought in the 50's.

While walking out the museum, I saw that there was a display ship that we could walk through and decided that would be our one last activity at the Navy Yard. Turns out it was the COOLEST SHIP EVER. Well. Maybe not, but Display Ship Barry was definitely memorable. And hot. And old. He will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Afterwards we were still stuffed from breakfast, so I opted to go home. I was exhausted. But on the way home I felt bad that I had gone to the National Gallery of Art (with my parents when they visited) so I asked Ry if he wanted to go and he said "yes". So we hopped off at Smithsonian, got two bottles of water and some Gatorade, and headed to the Gallery.

Turns out I really was feeling more sick and dehydrated than I thought, so I sat on the steps inside while Ryan walked around for 20 minutes or so. This was not the day to be a tourist. So we headed home and I proceeded to sleep for the next 3 hours and stay inside our nice cool room for the rest of the night. Poor Ry, he did some homework while I slept and then watched a movie with the Christensen's without me since I was feeling uber anti-social (thanks Dave and Amanda for entertaining him!).

It was a great day, but it turns out, I can't stand the heat as much as I thought I could!!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I'm a pansy when it comes to heat, too.


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