Also, a terrific Friday

I love Fridays. Especially Fridays that come after awesome Thursdays. Last Friday, after waking up at 9:45 and vaccuuming (see, I'm getting better at cleaning already!) ((also, "How do you spell vacuum?" "H-O-O-V-E-R"… name that movie!)) I walked with Ryan to his work again and met the Italian scholar he's been working with, on her last day there. She was so nice and super cute. But then she asked me how much Italian I know and I always get nervous! I forgot how to say "I'm hungry" and "I'm starving to death" (I know, those are really the only Italian phrases you need to know), but I said, "andiamo" and that I could count to ten. I really need to learn more…

After that we trekked up to the Bulgolgi food kart on 14th and L NW. It was REALLY GOOD. It was Korean food and although I've never had Korean before, it had rave reviews and they didn't dissapoint! The kimchi was a little spicy, but the spicy chicken bulgolgi was good, and I just had the combo, with both chicken and beef and that was way good too. Yay for street food! Also on a side note, I had heard about kimchi all last semester since my visiting teaching companion, Candice, had been raving about it, so it was fun to see what all the hoopla was about. I'm all for trying it again, just not as spicy the next time, please? I drank about 3 cups of milk because of it!

we love food trucks!

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  1. corina corina. one of our favorites! ems, we can't wait to get together with you guys. when we were still in utah in the spring zach wanted to hang out, but I had to tell him you were in D.C.


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