A terrific Thursday

On Thursday I was able to take a "Personal Day" from work. Hurray for days off and still getting paid! I actually got a lot of things done, so I'm pretty proud of myself


- deep-cleaned our bathroom and actually cleaned our tub for the first time since we've been here (I know, I know, cleaning just doesn't come as naturally to me as other people, but I'm learning, ok?)

- made AMAZING banana bars (you can find the recipe here) that Ryan, Amanda, and Oliver and Julie can testify to [[I POSTED THE LINK-now you have no excuse to make these super awesome bars]]

- washed two loads of laundry

- made lunch for two…

And then met Ryan at the Wilson Institute (where he interns) for lunch! He said that I should have more "Personal Days" in which I reminded him that if I can't find a job, soon, in Provo I'll have "Personal Days" everyday!..without pay…) Really, I'm optimistic about my job and I'm applying for a couple jobs each day. If anyone hears of anything, from a preschool teaching job to any sort of education (esp health education) or even receptionist job, preferrably at an office somehow related to health, please let me know. I really want to work and not have days off (be unemployed) too long!

After lunch I went to Ann Taylor and Macys in search of black pants. Where are you, oh black pants?! Gap didn't have any since they're in transition and the pants at Macys and Ann Taylor were not working for my hips. Don't get me wrong, I love my hips, but I do not want to look like I am wearing skin-tight pants and I would like my hips to look flattering, instead of make me look like I am somehow obese (I know, they were seriously great moral-boosters--FALSE).

**Because, on a side-note, I went to the gym three times last week and a couple times the week before and have really been concentrating on eating right and I feel dang good about it all!**

Anyway, at Ann Taylor I met up with my rad friend Amy and we decided to go to Columbia Heights and go to the Target there. She claimed to have seen "cute pants" there just that morning…but the only black pants they had made me look like a Chik-fil-A worker. Thanks Ams.

So we left and went south to Crystal City, where she lives, and sat at a nearby park and talked for a bit, then left when the couple a few feet away both pulled out cigarettes, and went back to her apartment.

We ended up being in her apartment from 6:30 to 10:30 talking about everything from what we want to be when we grow up to future baby names and everything in between. Around 10:30 I decided that Ryan was probably done finishing his paper and working on LSAT stuff (truth is, he works better when I'm not there to distract him, it's a bummer, I know). Oh, and I randomly bumped in to a kid that I knew when I was 14 from Texas who works out here for AARP while I was on my way out of his building. SMALL WORLD!

When I finally got to the Foggy Bottom metro stop (in which I had Ryan meet me, since it was already 11) we walked home and there were roses waiting for me!!! Ryan is such a stud. He knows that I love fresh flowers and buys them for me not only on special occasions, but randomly! He knows me oh so well and I love it and him SO SO SO much. Hurray for amazing husbands, great friends, and a pretty great day off!

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  1. hey whats up w/ the chick fil a reference? i look cute in mine, try express, sometimes they have cute pants.


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