Kayacking with the Barlow "Marrieds"

As you all know by now, we live in the Barlow Center. And in the Barlow, there are two distinct groups: the "singles", and the "marrieds". The "singles" are crazy and social and loud. The "marrieds" are fairly calm. The "singles" hang out all the time with eachother (and even eat other people's taquitoes without asking (the avenger has not been found, btw)) and gawk when the "marrieds" hang out with eachother too. Who woulda thought?? Ha. It's just this funny dynamic that I might slightly miss when we're gone.

Well, we went kayacking on the Potomac on Friday night thanks to a rad groupon deal found by the Clyde's. it was a lot of fun, even if the Potomac is gross. Even if Dave Clyde is crazy competitive in a kayack. Even if we had to stop continuously to wait for the group to catch up, and then someone thought it would be smart to have one person paddle while they held their paddle up over everyone's head, giving us all even more infectious deseases than we were already succombing our bodies to...

But really, it was super fun and it was great to hang out with the Clyde's and Christensens. Afterwards, we walked down M street, a little damp and sweaty, walked by all these couples and friends in their "going out" attire while we looked like hooligans, and grabbed milkshakes at Ben and Jerrys. MMMM.


  1. That sounds like a great time! I love groupon.

  2. hahaaaa...loved the hooligans bit

  3. the potomac is pretty gross. did you kayak past any floating corpses? JUST KIDDING. well, not about it being sick. I love the east coast. soooooooo much!


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