A New Apartment!

We made a BIG purchase...

That's right, on Wednesday night we decided to grab a two bedroom on the first floor of our old quad in Wymount. Yes, we're going back to BYU housing and our old ward (although they've had quite a bit of turnover in the last three months) and I'm SO excited (unless they put us back in the primary/nursery again..). We're also right across the hall from our favorite Quad 5 kids: the Mellors! Now I get to have my eyebrows waxed all the time!!

Some perks about where we're living now are: more space, a quest room and study area for Ryan, a craft room for me, more room for pictures and to decorate, being on the first floor instead of the third, closer to the laundry building, and our bikes can live on our back porch instead of far away on the bike rack (which is also closer).

**I stole this from Whit's blog. I needed a picture! Also, there home is adorable. They make Wymount cute, which can be a challenge...**

We really wanted to live with our friends, the Harts, but it looks like the apartment won't be available until the 10th of September, and we really needed a place to live earlier than that. We also really wanted to live with our friends, the Christensens, but in the end the closeness and proximity to school won. Also, now we get to move in right when we get home! Ryan wants to rent a UHaul for the day and get all our stuff out of Springville and into our place in one swift movement (thanks Matheson's for being so awesome and letting us store stuff at your old place!). A thank you in advance to the neighbors/mission buddies who will be helping us.



  1. dude, quad five is barely, if at all, closer :) wahoo! i'm glad you'll live close. we'll have to hang out and stuff. :)

  2. You crack me up!!! I can't wait for all of our waxing parties...it's just too exciting!!!! Love you tons. Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!


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