Firecracker aka BOMB pop

This whole summer I have been craving a Bomb pop. Whenever we're on the mall and pass a little food stand, they're always there, staring me in the face, but I've had to walk on by for one reason or another. Also, I would always see little kids eating them and they were MONSTROUS, which made me want one even more (I'm a food connoisseur, what can I say…)

Finally, las weekend, while Ryan's dad was in town, as we were walking to the Newseum and sweating to death, we passed by a food stand that had Bomb pops. Well, they were called "Firecrackers", but whatever, they were Bomb pops in disguise.


Thanks Ken, for being such a fab father-in-law and buying Ry and I one. We were not disappointed in the least. And even though my bangs still looked crazy, my stomach felt goooood. :)


  1. Can I please say that it's not fair how stinking GORGEOUS you are? Even with a huge popsicle next to your face? Because, let's be honest, it's not.

  2. I think your bangs look great :) You're beautiful! We will definitely be here at Christmas and we'd love to see you :)


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