Green Gettysburg

Seriously, I loved being in Gettysburg a whole stinkin lot. It reminded me of where my parents live (Floyds Knobs, IN), which is GORGEOUS and green and hilly and full of trees. I really love this shot of the feilds and the church in the back. The National Parks Service actually lends the land out so farmers can use it just like it was used in the civil war. There are still peach trees and we saw tons of soybeans too. The corn was harvested early this year so we didn't see corn. Ryan and I are on our way to Indiana in a matter of weeks and I'm excited to see all the green again!!

Oh, also, I really want to make some collages of all the pictures I've taken while here, but it's so darn hard to pic my favorites! Speaking of places that are bigger to hold all our pictures...(great segue ((did you know that's how you spell it? I didn't)), I know...)

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