Spam calls

I get Spam calls on my phone now. Thanks to signing up for an Ikea something of other and in the process giving a company my cell number when I should have pressed the No Thanks button, I get Spam callers.

Yesterday, the conversation went something like this:

"Is this Emily Dalby?" (Sketchy anyway, since that's not my name anymore...)

" Yes?"

"Are you 18 or older?"

"Take me off your list please"

"Well, I need to know if you are 18 or older"

"Take me off your list now please"

"I need to know if you are 18 or older to tell me what the offer is."

"What are you selling?"

"You're eligible for.."

[cutting her off] "Take me off you list please"

"But you're eligible for blah blah credit/money for college/magazines."

[trying to cut her off but she's still talking..] "Take me off you list. Take me off you List. Take me off your list."


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