blue buck pancakes and very large sunhats

We went to the Eastern Market on Saturday and enjoyed some delicious breakfast at the Market Lunch spot. Amanda and I had the famous blueberry buckwheat pancakes (known as blue bucks), Ryan had "the brick" which was an egg, cheese, bacon and potato sandwich, and Dave had their French toast. We all really liked our breakfasts and I am almost positive that I'll be back before the summer is over.
Afterwards we strolled though the farmer's market and sampled some AMAZING produce. I just watched the food documentary Food, Inc. and it really pushed me to buy local and fresh. I'll post more about that later, I promise.

We also went to the flea market and Amanda and I found some terrific sunhats. We were on our way to an airshow (more about that tomorrow) so they would have been perfect, but the boys just laughed at us. In all seriousness though, I really want one.

Those hats were made for us.

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  1. I know. I totally wanted that black one. Delicious breakfast!


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