i know absolutely nothing about airplanes

Seriously, I don't.

But we went to an airshow on Saturday (yay for National Armed Forces Day!) and got to see the Blue Angels.

We also saw other cool planes fly and a ton on the ground-- helicopters, japanese bomber planes, tons and tons of planes.

All I could say was, "cool."

It was really pretty fun though, especially since Dave knows a lot of stuff about planes and got super excited over pretty much all of them. He knows stuff.

It was hot, but the wind helped with the heat. It also helped make my hair all ratty by the end of the day.

And after the Blue angels and after standing in line for an hour and a half to take a bus back to the metro, then taking the metro back home, we finally made it and had a pretty fun day out of it all. I've got a sunburn thanks to standing in that ridiculous line, but oh well.

Special thanks to Amanda and Dave for inviting us to come along with them and to Dave for entertaining us with his knowledge!

Check out the sweet, 2 second video of the Blue Angels. Pretty much I think I would die if my husband flew those planes.

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  1. haha, I love how we'll have the same blog posts for the next few months...only I'm behind you! that was fun! curse the wind!


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