making a run for it.

DC rain is CRAZY.

Walking home from the metro on Friday the four of us decided that we were in the mood for ice cream (soy ice cream from Trader Joe's, mind you) so we decided to stop by TJ's before going home.

Then all of a sudden it rained, but it wasn't a normal rain.

It was like someone just decided to tip a bucket of water over and then quickly stop.

We almost decided to just go home, but since the rain stopped and we really ice cream we decided to keep on going.

Right as we were crossing the street it started pouring, and these were not normal-sized drops.

They were huge!!!!!




But after quickly dodging into the store and drying off, we came out to clear skies and all was well.

And the Soy Dreamy ice cream was soooo good. Cherry Chocolate Chip. Try it. I dare you.

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