Mom and Dad Dalby

I love my parents. 

Especially when they vacation where I live just to hang out with me!

My parents came a few weeks ago and I had so much fun being with them. Ryan and I spent Thursday evening with them, then I spent Friday morning with them and Ryan joined us in the evening. Then we al spent Saturday together and took a road trip to the beach in Delaware! Then we went to church together and spent a few hours together afterward. Then I spent all day Monday with them. Whew, it was a TON of walking, but a ton of laughing too. I seriously love my parents so much and I don't know what I would do or where I would be without them.

Thanks mom and dad for being AMAZING.

Here are some photos from the fabulous weekend of food, traveling, and sightseeing:

1. my parents are SUPER fabulous and are a stunning team

2. My mom is the most beautiful person in the entire world

3. she cooks amazing food and teaches me so much, in the kitchen and out.

4. I can't help it. Everytime I go to the Library of Congress I have to take this picture. I love it.

5. I love pizza. I'm pretty sure I loved it before I met Ryan, but now I love it even more. I love love love brick oven pizzas. I think my dream home will have a brick oven located somewhere on the premises.

6. I introduced them to Gtown Cupcake. It was a hit.

7. See? Still beautiful

8. And still very handsome.

9. Orange blossom. SOO GOOD!!

10. I blame my mom for my never-ending love for the sun. 

11. Too bad she's got a beautiful tan complexion, so the sun loves her back :)

12. Say it with me, "wawa" [[wah-wah]]. Glorious

Thank you mom and dad.

For everything.


  1. you parents are super cool. cute family!

  2. You went to Julia Child's kitchen??? SOO awesome!!

  3. we had soo much fun, your an amazing daughter, and your hubby is nice too.


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