NYC Part 6: The End

I know, I know, we went to New York about forever ago, but here are the final pictures of our stay/whatever I haven't posted yet.

We loved it and we can't wait to go back! Here's to fingers crossed that Ry gets into an East Coast law school and that the offer is good enough that we take it so we can come back!!

rockerfeller plaza

30 rock :)

the nbc store. yes, i'm an adult.

the new yankee stadium--gotta love those boys in stripes (or hate them...)

delicious banana pudding. i. want. more. now.

central park

the financial district/Wall St.

the craziness of chinatown. seriously, its crazy.

the gloriousness of times square at night

little italy

statue that used to be in the world trade centers' plaza

we're on the brooklyn bridge!!

Did you know that Ryan LOVES LOVES LOVES that bridge? 

Now you do.

Seriously, he loves it.

Check out that cheesy big smile. 

That's when you know it's real.


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