Good Stuff burgers will NEVER get old.

WE LOVE GOOD STUFF. And we went by ourselves, with Amy, with my parents, with Ryan's mom, with his dad, and with AC/DC. Seriously, it's GOLDEN. And when describing Good Stuff,  there's no such thing as too many all caps words. NEVER.

And, at Amanda's request:

Yes, it may have added to the weight that I've gained this last month, but of all the stuff we ate this summer, and out of all the places we went, we came here the most. Good Stuff is seriously that good and I think I can speak for the 4 of us when we say, it's a MUST when you come/go to Washington. Good thing Amanda's got the cookbook--looks like we'll get to have Good Stuff parties all year long!

**PS I think I'm going to seriously miss having a blogging buddy with pretty much the same posts all the time. Thanks Amanda, for being just as crazy about blogging as me!**

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