we can't get enough of the burgers, fries and shakes at Good Stuff Eatery

we've already gone twice.

**yup, it makes us this happy**

the last time wasn't our fault. my friend amy hadn't been, and we had to go with her. also, when my parents, along with ryan's dad come, we may just have to go again. darn.

**check it out. the owner/chef has already made a cookbook. it's legit**

Ryan and I went a few weeks ago and got the Milky Way shake (whoppers, butterscotch, chocolate, custard ice cream...amazing). The time we went with Amy we got the famous Toasted Marshmallow shake (like a campout for your mouth). And next time, I'm thinking the Black and White or the Soursop Hop Strawberry. We may just have to try all 5 or 6 of them, to get the full experience of course.

And Ry just had to take a picture of the receipt. I got the Smokehouse and he got the Obama. THIS is just one of the many reasons why I love DC :) 

And for your viewing pleasure, here we are, digging into our burgers . They were sooo good.

Last, but not least, the fries. Oh, the fries. They're called "village fries" and they've got thyme and rosemary in them. And they're amazing. Have I mentioned that we really like this place? PLUS, both times we've been I've seen some deaf kids there. I only took 2 semesters of ASL at BYU but I love when I see people signing. And it's totally rude to stare, but I just can't help it. I think it's the coolest language ever.

But back to the fries...

Seriously, if you're planning on coming to the DC area, you've GOT to check this place out. And if you're here, GO NOW.



  1. I can't wait to go on saturday. it looks so good.

  2. ps and thanks for blogging so much! I just feel so behind...


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