NYC: Part 1

We loved NYC. It was so so so so much fun (along with so so so so much walking, but totally worth it).

I decided to divide up the three days we were there into a few posts of the events throughout the trip. Starting with: the subway system. 

It was definitely a trickier system than the DC metro (the DC metro is a breeze compared to the million and one different trains and routes in New York) but it took us right where we needed to go. Also, it was just about as dirty as everyone described, except I didn't see any rats, and some places were pretty clean. We also definitely took advantage of the whole eating on the subway thing (since the DC metro doesn't allow food) so that probably didn't help the situation. Since I'd never been to NYC before, here's the first official picture of me there!

Why yes, I am ecstatically excited to be there. This was also the nicest train we went on (go R train!) and took us strait to Brooklyn to meet up with the FABULOUS Shiloh and Andy. We crashed at their place during the weekend and Shiloh was SUPER helpful with her perfect little map of the city and all the subway stations. We'd have been so lost without that little thing!

We had a ton of things we wanted to see and do and got just about all the main things done in just a short period of time. Go us!

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