Smithsonian Folklife Festival/Jefferson/FDR

Even though it was way hot, way back in the beginning of July (or the end of June?) we trekked over to the National Mall to go see the event of cultures that the Smithsonian museums put on each year. People from all over Mexico and southeast Asia came and had little booths about culture and cooking and music, it was cool! But did I mention it was hot??

BUT, they had rad smoothies. Mango smoothies, to be exact. MMMM.

After walking around for a bit (and meeting up with Julie and Oliver, since Julie's an intern at the Smithsonian this summer) we decided to first venture through some "art" museums before venturing down to the Jefferson and FDR memorials. I say "art" loosely, since some of it was from the 60s and consisted of naked girls putting paint on themselves and others dragging them or crawling on the canvas...

But here's a view of the Capitol from one of the windows, so it all worked out in the end.

Hey Jefferson. Why'd your statue have to be so far away from all the other stuff on the Mall, huh? At least the Forest Ranger made funny jokes about you so it was worth it... But seriously, my feet were hurting after this super long day of walking.

Hey, cool modeling pose, heyyyyyyyyy.

FDR. Don't believe we were really there because you can't really see anything behind us?

Proof. AND, he had an addorable dog. That's my kind of dog.

Seriously though, I'll miss DC. The water, the monuments, the historical-ness, and all our friends and family who have come and visited us. WE LOVE YOU, DC! Also, I love this picture.

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