a father's day shoutout.

Because, Father's Day was semi-recent, right? Oh well.

I'm pretty sure the am was pretty good with Henry, but after an afternoon nap, or lack of a good afternoon nap, Henry was a wreck, so outside we went to try and brighten his spirits (and ours as well). For a few weeks he would wake up from naps terribly unhappy and my solution was to head outside as soon as possible and he always cheered up. Ah, the distraction of the great outdoors, even the great outdoors of a dead end city street.

On Father's day we headed to BU and I was able to snap a few non-iphone pictures as well as get some instas in. Henry wasn't in the best of moods, but it was so nice to spend the day together, with nothing else on the docket (because really, even Sundays now are just as crazy as all the other days of the week!).

Ryan, thanks for putting up with the two of us, and for being such a terrific dad and example for Henry. I'm so grateful for your own dad's example and for mine as well--I don't think I would have such a catch if I didn't have such high standards of a husband set by my own dad.  Pretty much, the men in my life rock, and as crazy it is to think that one day Henry will be in Ryan's shoes, I'm betting that he'll be a pretty terrific dad/father, just like his own.

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