A graduate! Graduation! Family! Food!

After a whirlwind weekend in NYC the weekend of the 10th, graduation was the following weekend with both of Ryan's parents coming to celebrate with us. We really wanted Ken and Cherie to have as much quality time with the boys as possible as well as checking off things like going to the BU bookstore and doing a few things that they wanted to do since the next time we see them we'll either be packed up and en route to New York or  already settled into our new place (that we'll find in August. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted, world.) Also, I only have pictures of the last few days so... sorry about that.

Ryan's mom came in first, so on Thursday morning we split up and I went to the Arboretum with Walter with the church playgroup and Ryan and Cherie went to our neighborhood playground and ran around with Henry. I think Cherie loved it and it was fun to hear her talk about it multiple times throughout the weekend. She even saw first hand Henry's love for all things round and got him another bouncy ball he can take to parks and play with.

On Friday, the main event was going to the BU bookstore to start off the graduation gifts. Ryan's parents have made it a tradition to get him a frame for his diplomas and this time was no exception. Those degrees are huge, and it'll be so cool to see it hung up in an office (or in a cubicle?) soon enough. Henry also loooves escalators, so he went up and down them as Nana and Papa perused.

On Saturday the weather was forecasted for rain, but it cleared up just as the day was starting so Ken joined our family and we headed to the Arboretum all together to smell and see the lilacs. Henry was being a bit wild, but the beautiful smells made it all worth it. And once again, it was so fun to see Ken interact with Henry. He's a boys boy and on both my side and Ryan's, even though I know he loves both grandparents, he always calls out for Papa. We had a fiasco at dinner where we went all the way to the restraunt before realizing that no one brought the diaper bag and I knew Walter was going to nurse soon so I just headed home, nursed him, and then right when he was done they were done with dinner so I went back to pick up Henry and then headed home and then ate the take out they got for me. Forgetfulness should definitely be my middle name...

Sunday was graduation day so we took the T to the hockey arena and watched as Ryan walked across the stage. I'm pretty sure most people thought I was nuts for taking kids to a boring graduation ceremony (not knowing that it was a husband/dad graduating), but I only got a few dirty looks from some old ladies (why old ladies--weren't they once in my shoes? or did they get babysitters?) so it was ok. We survived and the boys actually did really well. There was a super nice Latin family behind us with a teenager and her mom that Henry loved and after fussing for just a few minutes, Walter fell asleep as I was holding him just a few minutes before Ryan crossed the stage. And after the ceremony there was some super scrumptious food at a reception next door and it was fun to see a lot of Ryan's classmates. Henry was quite done at the end, but he's always pretty happy in Ryan's arms, which made it a bit easier to handle.

// best dad ever award, right there. //

Monday was the last full day we had with Ken, so we went up to Lowell, MA since his dad served his mission there in the 30s when it was still a booming industrial town. They had a cute textile museum with looms still running and lots of cute exhibits (although Hank almost tore a huge textile map that was floor to ceiling and not protected by glass-and this is totally a museum with kids in mind...although more like school-aged kids...but oh well) so it went by fairly quickly. We ate lunch and then headed home so the boys could nap and then regrouped and rushed over to the waterfront for dinner at Legal Seafood. There are a ton of tiny hole in the wall seafood joints that I've been eyeing, but I also knew that Legal is one of those tried and true, something for everyone places and it was perfect. Ryan also ate a whole lobster by himself, cute lobster-eating bib and all.

It was a long weekend, but we were all so proud of Ryan and so excited for him and all the hard work he's put in these last few years. And being YM's president through it all and being with the youth every Wednesday night and a lot of weekends too-- he's just super impressive. :) :)

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  1. He is impressive! And you and the boys too! Congratulations and Best Wishes on your new adventure!
    Love, Aunt Terri


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