...in a friday funk. and 5 good things about life.

<< Hank at not quite 8 months--just about the same age that Walter is now, wild >>

I've been in a rut lately. And I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. I'd like to work out more, I think putting some "me" time in would help. And maybe sending the boys off to a babysitter for a few hours. But really, I don't really know what's up. The boys are themselves, mostly happy, a bit challenging, and they're adorable and have their quirks and make me happy most of the time too... all pretty regular stuff. But still, I'm just all around under the weather.

Luckily, I have some great friends and a fabulous husband to help me through it all.

Ryan reminded me of a post I wrote forever about attitude. And I just read Emily's post about making a weekly 5 facts/grateful post each week to help remember the goodness in life.

In related news, our oven is out of commission until whenever our landlord gets to replacing the oven coil at the bottom. All this to say, I can't even make cookies and fill my house with chocolate-y goodness. Rough.

I've been thinking all morning/through naptime about five happy things to share, so here it goes:

1. Both boys are asleep right now. I really am thankful for such a quiet home.

2. I am SO SO excited to see Jen and Mara in a few weeks. Their family came up two summers ago, when Hank was a wee one, and I can't wait to see them again.  They remind me so much of my own family, so it's really nice and relaxing to be with them.

3. Walter can crawl! He's already cut four teeth and he's on the move. It's more terrifying than happy, but it's so fun to see the transition from infant to baby to toddler and Walt is no exception.

4. Dairy is back! After a few tests, we're good to go! I'm still a bit nervous, so just a little dairy every few days, but this is such, such fabulous news.

5. The hunt for a summer wardrobe is on. I always seem to push aside my own need for clothes and focus on the boys or Ryan instead. I'm excited to put myself first and try on stuff. Extra thoughts appreciated as I appease the boys with lots of snack foods while they wait not-so-patiently on me :)

And as a side, here's my/our family's new mantra for the year: I can do hard things. It's the quote I say the most, day in and day out. And it goes with something one of my all time favorite apostle's has said.

Now go have a good weekend! We'll be back next week with the regularly scheduled programming of Ryan's graduation, Henry's favorite books, and some of the cutest things Henry does/says.

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