the dille family comes to town.

We had the amazing pleasure of hanging out with the Dilles from Wednesday to Sunday last week. They did a few things on their own, Ryan tagged along and I stayed home, and we all went out together--it was the best staycation of my life. For any of our friends who would like to come our way, COME! It's so funny how being in the city with people who've never been can totally make it a brand-new city.

I didn't take too many pictures, and I don't have one of us all (Jen, could you send me one or two that you got?), but it was so fun being with them, whether it was eating at our place or at Mike's Pastry, chatting at home or around Lexington/Concord, it was so fun to be with Jen and Brian and to see the amazing kids that they have. Seeing them love on Henry was so fun too. Henry definitely misses all the attention now that they're not here anymore.

Um, also, we went to a Sox/Yankees game. I love that since being married to Ryan I have been to 6 professional baseball games, and all at different stadiums--I definitely married into a baseball-loving family! Jen is a big baseball fan and thanks to her and Brian we were able to go. I sat with Mara most of the night and we chatted it up. She was so good with Henry, too. Champion baby-sitter right there. Oh, and at the beginning of the game some Navy SEALS parachuted down from a Hercules plane. Very cool.

At Bunker Hill:

At the Red Sox/Yankees game (Hen looks thrilled, no?):

At the Old North bridge in Lexington. It was the perfect 20 minute drive and it's so pretty out there. We're going back. It's a fact.


  1. Ah! This makes me so excited to come visit in less than a month! We definitely need to have you be our tour guides around Boston for a day! And maybe you guys can come out to the Cape to see us another day. :)
    And I am loving your hair! It's getting long and it looks so cute!

  2. I love you hair too!! And I wish we could come visit, it looks like so much fun! I love all of your adventures:)

  3. I PROMISE to send pictures. I don't know why it's usually the last part of unpacking that I get to. This week has been haircuts, ortho appts, Costco & Safeway trips, Hayden and Mara coming back from camps and we did a "Bourne" marathon. Can't wait to see you SOON!


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