the fourth.

Last week Ryan was able to not only get Wednesday off, but Friday as well. I'm in mourning currently, because this weekend was just so fun to have him always around. The fun started on the fourth and it was actually a pretty nice and relaxing morning. We woke up late, ate pancakes, and did a deep clean on the house. You know when you're a grownup when days off work just mean you do housework instead.

Once dinner rolled around I George Foreman'ed some chicken sausages, made a little picnic and we headed to the Cambridge side of the Harvard bridge. They shoot the fireworks off a barge and we got some great seats pretty close to it all. It was so nice to be able to enjoy being outside and the weather was perfect. Henry was a champ as well and loved being outside.

Before the show the Dille's came and we chatted with them until the show. They were so good with Henry and volunteered to hold him and rock him to sleep. The fireworks were delayed because you could see lightning just a few miles south, but wouldn't you know, right when the fireworks started there was a downpour for about 10 minutes. Ryan and I covered ourselves with a blanket and the Dilles had some jackets and used their ponchos from the Maid of the Mist (they had just seen Niagra falls just two days before...so jealous). Brian made sure that Hen was covered as he held him and I'm pretty sure he was conked out the whole time. The rain stopped and there was still 10 or more minutes of the show to go--it was FANTASTIC. I didn't take any pictures of the actual fireworks, or the Dille clan that night--it was so fun to just soak all of it in. I overheard Brian say that it was one of the best shows he'd ever seen. With the DC fireworks two years ago and then this, we've been super blessed to be in such patriotic cities on the 4th.

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