flipping over.

As promised, here is Henry flipping from his tummy to his back.

Also, a few other tidbits:

- He's found his thumb, for reals this time. He still experiments with sucking other fingers, but I think his thumb is his new go-to pacifier of choice

- He's not swaddled anymore when he takes naps or goes to sleep. It was getting pretty hot this past weekend, so we went without the swaddle and he slept for 7 hours straight! He's not a naturally good sleeper (at my parents he only slept in 3 hour intervals…), but I think now not being swaddled is helping him finally sleep more.

- On that note--we found him on his tummy a few mornings ago. We laid him on his back to go to bed and not only did he flip over, but his head was on the opposite side of the crib as well. Not going to lie, I cry a little bit each time he does something new. Even though it's exciting, it's just one more evidence that he won't be little forever.

- He likes to be held up and down (not rocked like you would think to hold a baby ready for a nap) when he's ready to go down. Jen was a magic worker this weekend and he fell asleep multiple times on her chest just like that. Sleeping babes, there's just nothing better.

Oh yes, back to the video :)

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  1. WOAH!! I found myself cheering the little man on! What a champ!!! He is so cute! Can he teach Auden that?? I'm worried the pediatrician is going to say I've been lazy at tummy time. It's not me! haha
    When we were on vacation, Auden had a hard time sleeping too!! Since we've been home he's been a much better sleeper. It's like they know they're home now and can relax! :) He is such a cutie that one!!! Love you guys!!


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