mother's day and a trip to new york.

After finals were over (wahoooooo!) we packed up and headed down NYC for a few days to neighborhood/ward hunt. My mom even came out to help us with the boys, which was so so nice as we split up to go to two different wards on Sunday and went to multiple neighborhoods on Monday and Tuesday to feel the vibe a bit more.

We drove down Saturday, my mom came in late Saturday (her plan was re-routed to CT after there were big storms at JFK and then her flight got cancelled so she shared a taxi with some fellow ticked off passengers and they drove to the city, it was wild.), we went to two different wards on Sunday, celebrated being moms with some awesome pizza later that night, did some neighborhood cruising before and after church, then on Monday did more faux-apartment shopping and met up with a few brokers in our favorite neighborhoods, got doughnuts at dough on Tuesday morning and then dropped my madre off at at the airport and headed back up to Boston. Oh, and stopped by New Haven to see Grant and Kaylee.

It was a wild few days, tucked between finishing classes and graduation, but we feel so much better about Ryan finding a place in August, once he's finished taking the NY Bar.

*the bouquets we made for my mom, ryan's mom, and me before we left*

*Gigi time on Sunday. SO so so nice to have her there since ryan was off in another ward. Walt fell asleep quickly after this photo was taken, Gigi is the best.*

*mother's day! and that belly...*

*in Brooklyn Heights on Monday*

*in Prospect park on Tuesday morning. a tiny happy boy with daddy and a big happy boy with a ball to chase and throw to his heart's content.*

*baby's first train ride! this kid's teething so much faster than Hank with his top two already halfway in, but he was still the cutest baby the whole weekend.*

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