springtime adventures: friends, animals, and food.

The last few weeks of law school were a little rough on us with little to no daddy time, but we made the most of it with lots of outings and the weather was pretty fabulous, thank goodness.

We had a goodbye bbq with our friends, the Eubanks, a zoo date with Laura and her crew and Alyssa and hers, enjoying the arboretum (we've been going about once a week--sooo lovely!), and an animal adventure outing with some fabulous mamas.

...at the bbq

...cutest kitten around (and the best lion, too--he roars and you can hear it throughout the zoo)

...that bottom pose kills me

...foxes, alligators, ferrets, and more alligators, followed by the best watermelon sherbet I've ever eaten, ever. 

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