henry at the park.

Summer is in full swing and I'm glad to say that it's really only been these last few days where the heat has made us stay inside all afternoon. I realized a bit ago that I hadn't been blogging, just insta-blogging (yeah, I'm going to call posting on instagram blogging, it totally is a mini version of it anywho), but I wanted to add a bit more detail to remember the second and last summer of just Henry and I (and of course Ryan :).

These are from our local playground and since we're moving this weekend, I thought it'd be a fitting farewell. We go here just about every morning for about an hour or so and it's usually just the two of us, which has been really, really nice. The playground is gated (we don't go to things that aren't gated, this mama is not capable of running after a toddler, currently) and small, which has been really nice since I don't have to chase Hank all over the place. But I'm really excited to be near more, bigger parks in the JP/Brookline area for Henry to explore. 

Henry is also quite the pointer and "more" signer these days, which is actually turning into the "I want" sign, but we're working on it. I love the last two pictures, because he's just so matter-of-fact about it all. 


  1. Great pics!! And his moping corner, oh my gosh.

  2. That first pic of Henry is overwhelmingly adorable!! It must be an ad for overalls! :) What a beautiful family.


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