the rest of our awesome july.

I've been on an instagram high and haven't downloaded any pictures to my computer in a while, but sometimes I have thoughts that are more than a few lines of words, so back to the blog we go.

And really, y'all were pretty sad that I wasn't posting much, right? Right...

Welp, in the world of real updates (and not just awesomely adorable pictures of Henry) my pregnancy is going great. I always forget which week I am (this kid will have like one fun documented photo inside of me like Hank got every week, but whatev, welcome to the world second child :) and I mean, it's pregnancy, so it's not like I feel like running a marathon, but I'm feeling good and getting mroe and more excited for Sept/October to come our way. According to two friends I've especially popped this week, which is a little nerve-racking since I've still got almost two months to go, but exciting because I can already tell this kid is going to be different from Henry.

Also, still don't know the gender. I know, I just like being difficult and crazy.

Ryan is gearing up for interviews (like, real job interviews!) which is super exciting. And super frustrating keeping everything on the d/l because he's super casual and modest and doesn't like to brag. Who doesn't like to brag?

And Henry is cute as ever, four teeth on top and three on bottom, which looks so off to me, but it's cute. He's a champion babbler and can sign words like done, more, food, and baby. We're working on yes and water. He's definitely an explorer and likes getting into everything, but is a smarty and is learning to listed to me when I tell him "not for babies" "not a toy" and things like that. It's also pretty tender when I have to take something away from him or tell him stop and he gets frustrated and storms into the kitchen and stands in this little corner. It's like it's his moping corner or something. What a funny kid.

Oh, and here are some pictures. Because I love to over share.

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  1. I DO miss it when you don't post!


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