pond walks.

We just discovered that there's a free concert every Sunday evening in the summer at a park right near our house. Unfortunately, this Sunday is the last Sunday, but we're already excited for next summer and for the *hopefully* other cool events happening right around us all the time. Ah, the joy of a new neighborhood!

Also unfortunately, we didn't bring either of our phones (and really, just the cameras that come with them) to capture their awesomeness. Thankfully, we've gone on this walk multiple times since and I captured some photos of Hank and Ryan the last time we went. I seriously can't wait to take a toddler/family/couple on this walk from now to this fall to do a session or two.

{and oh the life of a parent. the last two pictures capture perfectly my excitement for a beautiful background to photograph along with a toddler's complete unhappiness about being held and limiting his mobility for two seconds. wild one.}

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