It's almost September already?

Wild how fast August went (just about as wild as Hank's post-nap hair :). Ryan finished his internship and we've been chilling and basking in the having-dad-around-almost-all-day awesomeness that ensued. We've done quite a few things this month,  spent time with awesome friends, gone on a few journeys (I'll document them soon, promise), but really, we've just relaxed, and that has been quite awesome in and of itself. I have a ton of pictures on my phone of random things, but really, I haven't even gotten it out very much, since we've been in wake-up, go to the park, eat lunch, take a nap (Hank, while I watch Alias instead of napping as he naps...), go to the park again, make a quick summer dinner, go to sleep. We're sure to be back in busy mode a bit after sib comes along, but man is it fun to just be a homebody (and have an adult around to talk to throughout the day!).

This month could be the month we have a family of four, or the last month as a family of three, it's the last first-day-of-school for Ryan, Henry entered nursery a few weeks ago so we're (really, Ryan, since he watched Henry most of the time while I'm in Primary) kid free at church for a few more weeks, we've got our family pictures coming up this weekend (last family pictures as a three-some!), and apple picking is right around the corner. It's sure to be an exciting few weeks.

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  1. I am dying over that second picture!!! Sounds so fun. I can't wait to hear more about all those things. And nursery already?? What the what?


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