An 18 month update.

This handsome devil turned 18 mos this month and is really, quite the toddler. He toddles a lot, actually. He's into megablocks, running, playing catch with just about anyone, and balls of all sorts (and he's learning not to steal other kids' balls just because he wants to play with them, too).

He's good about mimicking words and we're working on his vocab. He can sign multiple things, but my favorite is when he signs "baby", or when I ask him where the baby is and he points to my stomach. Or when I asked him to give the baby a hug and he hugged my stomach. Ah! So tender. He's got no idea what's going to happen in the next month, but really, we don't either, so we're all in it together (now that song is in your head, isn't it??) and we're pretty excited to see Henry grow and grow.

Some stats (for what it's worth):
Length: 32.25" (I'm pretty sure that .25" don't really exist--the nurse practitioner was just being nice...) (42%)
Weight: 24.9 oz (56%)
Head: 47 cm (38%)

We love you, Hankaroo!


  1. Love you guys! And love reading about your lives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You two do great work! What a great looking young man!

  3. That kid is going to be a heart throb for the ladies! :)


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