a carousel ride and fun in the north end.

I have a friend who is a supermom. Her name is Laura and she rocks. Last Monday we traipsed around the north end and went on a fantastic, cute, new carousel, hung out at the greenway (a park/seating/splash pad area) and had an impromptu splash pad date (hence the nakedness), and then (of course) went to get some cannoli at Mike's and some pizza at Ernesto's. 

The ride home was a bit rough and Hank was pretty exhausted, but it was just about the greatest way to start my week, ever. (Also, Ernesto's has Schweppes Ginger Ale on tap. Which means they're the best pizza place ever.) Ryan has class until 6:30 on Mondays, too, which is a downer, so fun activities like this to start my week was just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of fun, Hank was not a fan of the carousel until it started moving. He just wanted to roam around and not be confined to one space, since he had been in his stroller all morning as we rode the T up, but once it started, he was in aw. It was a "we're moving, this is ok" reaction, not too hot, not to cold, but hey, at least he wasn't crying, right? We probably won't be back until the beginning of next season, in April, but I'm thinking his excitement will only get bigger. And it was the cutest little animal/underwater themed thing I've ever been on, so what's not to love??


  1. We had such a fun time as well and Hank is such a trooper and YOU are so awesome for going on an adventure walking all over while in the third trimester!!


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