More berry picking: cherries and blueberries.

I couldn't resist. Tougas farm had their first day of blueberry picking a few weeks ago and with cherries available to pick, I just had to go. This time it was just Henry and I and I must say, going with friends is loads better, but Henry was great company and great entertainment. Who knew you could eat the green blueberries and not get sick? :) All the little kids were pretty enamored with him while picking blueberries: "Mom, he's eating the GREEN ones! You're not supposed to do that..." Half shock, half tattle-tale.

I posted a little vid through instagram, but here are a few more favorites from the day. Including a picture of the blueberry bush that just doesn't give the blueberries enough props--they were just so dang beautiful! Little green berries with purply-blue berries and beautiful dark blue berries, all with a beautiful dusting on them... I'm pretty sure Ryan was getting a little bit nervous while I was describing how beautiful the berries were. I'm seriously enamored with picking our own fruit this year (especially since a garden of our own is out of the question for a bit) and love knowing that I personally picked the fruit that we're eating and snacking on for the rest of the day/week.

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