other adventures in may.

The rest of May consisted of: playgrounds, hair cuts, museum of science and crawling, a memorial day walk, and just plain cute looking kids. Henry's into sunglasses these days and I take way too many pictures when he's wearing them.

Hank also finally got a hair cut and was rewarded with multiple suckers during and after. And then he kept asking about them the next day. Luckily, he's forgotten about them by now. They're such a lifesaver.

Aaaand in exciting baby news, Walter is crawling! He was just doing a one, two, fall when we went to the MOS the Friday after graduation, but now he is a full fledged crawler. And I'm really hoping his baby chub doesn't go away even though he's mobile now. He's just so handsome with those chubby cheeks and arms and legs! (also, pretty sure at one point Ryan was having way more fun than Hank with all the fun things to do upstairs :)

 Our Memorial Day was relaxing since Ryan needed to get a jump start on his Bar Prep and it was pretty overcast that day, so we didn't want to head all the way out to the pond or water. So, we opted for an early morning walk with the Gilmans around Forest Hills cemetery. I love that many of the cemeteries around NE are more like parks than cemeteries, with ponds and lots of trees and flowers. And we really don't get to chat or hang out with Dan and Caitlin enough, so it was fun to talk and let Hank be free as well. Caitlin even found a caterpillar for Hank as we were walking home. Win, win.

And, just because, a few of my favorites from just hanging out inside last month.

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