at costco.

Exciting things happen at Costco. Henry now knows where we are when I pull into the Target/Costco shopping center and immediately says, "free samples!" A kid after my own heart. We went together as a family two weeks back and after shopping and getting a bite to eat I decided to put the boys together in the front seat. I don't normally post a bajillion pictures of one event, but I just have to do it for this one. So many emotions, so little time. Henry was excited beyond words and Walter just wanted some space. Sorry bud, you're just loved a whole lot around these parts.

For Walter: We saved you after that last hug before the car. It was a little much, I'll admit it. We're working on the whole hug thing, not hurting thing, letting you be independent even though Henry always seems to want to roll you over, etc. But just know it's all in love. And that we protect you a whole lot, we promise. :)

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