[[ode to]] to music class

It's pretty crazy to thing that there are some things we'll never do again in Boston--so sad! Some things we may do again, but we may not. There are less weeks that we have left in Boston than fingers I have on my hands, and that is ridiculous.

We went to Michelle's Mom's and Music class this spring and it was heavenly. Michelle invited me to take some pictures for her class about 2 years ago (thanks again, Michelle. I was still/am still learning, and was so grateful for the opportunity to see her awesome class in action) and in exchange I could take Henry to a session of my choice. Low and behold I didn't even get around to it before adding to the family :)

Her class was perfect. Walter loved it. Henry loved it. About thirty minutes of structured song/action time and then another 10 or so of parachute/bubble time. Henry sat on the carpet about the whole time each session, I was so impressed! We sing the songs we've learned on a daily basis and I love the vocab he's picked up as well as the ASL that he's learned. And he loves singing the songs, counting, doing the actions, the list goes on. Sometimes during the class he wouldn't really be singing, just watching Michelle, but that doesn't mean he wasn't internalizing so much. I was constantly amazed when I sang the songs back at home how excited he would get to do the motions, to sing a word or two.

And Walter, he just lights up whenever I sing songs from the session. It's like he knows remembers how much fun he had, the little toys and cute little friends, and he just. lights. up.

So grateful for amazing moms, amazing classes and the power of music to brighten our days. Of course the only pictures I have are pretty low, low quality, but all that blurriness means movement! Happy movement!

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