Walden pond, a new favorite playground, and summer treats.

Did I really do all this stuff last week? Summer is here, and that means staying busy outside and cramming as many things as possible into our summer bucket list. Last week was no exception and rain or shine, we got stuff done!

We headed to Walden pond on Monday with some friends and I enjoyed trying to chat while making sure Henry didn't die as he climbed random stranger's beach chairs (and then tumbled out of them), "borrowed" other little kids' beach toys (we're working on it) and tried to casually walk/wonder as far away from me as I would let him. He was pretty sad to leave (a good sign of a good time) but super happy when I shared my awesome Kimball Farms ice cream with him before we headed home. FYI, it's super hard to share your ice cream with your 16 month old during a rain storm as you are in the front seat and he's buckled in, but we made it work. And that picture of me holding up the ice cream in the picture...that's after me sharing--and I totally gave him 4-5 good sized bites!

I also discovered my new favorite Brookline park (and I think Hank's, too), Winthrop Square. There's a beautiful rose garden connected to it, with two playgrounds, one for toddlers and one for 5 and up, and even a little spray fountain. There are also some push toys there for the using (and since we don't have room for push toys around our house, I LIVE for parks with discarded toys like that--so nice!) and swings. Also, it's on my way to trader joe's, which is always a nice thing.

And last, but not least, it's getting hot and humid around here, so our dinner/treat options are dwindling. The goal is to not turn on the oven at all for as long as I can (and without central AC, even the stove top heats up our house pretty darn well) so we've been living off of puppy chow and no bake cookies to get our sweet fix on. Anyone have any summer dinner or treat (because really, these are not just desserts, these are eat-throughout-the-day treats) ideas? We'd love to add a little variety to our mix.

Happy Monday!


  1. Send me some puppy chow! Looks heavenly.

  2. please stop blogging about fun outings until after gus is potty trained. i'm trapped in my house/yard right now!


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